Just an idea……

I had an idea a while ago to combine my passion for ceramics and photography, especial lo-fi, analogue photography. I thought about making some pinhole cameras out of clay and started to do some research into them, I came across Steve Irvine who makes some brilliant ceramic pinhole cameras (follow the link to have a peek) and decided I was going to make my own.

A ceramic pinhole camera made by Steve Irwin(taken from www.steveirvine.com)

A ceramic pinhole camera made by Steve Irvine(taken from http://www.steveirvine.com)

At the same time I was also flicking though a book on vintage cameras and came across the Teddy Camera, made in 1924 by the Teddy Camera Company of Newark, it was capable of processing the image in camera, after the photograph had been taken.

Teddy Camera (image taken from www.carters.com.au)

Teddy Camera (image taken from http://www.carters.com.au)

This kind of gave me the idea – “wouldn’t it be cool if I made a pinhole camera that you took the image with, then poured the developing chemicals into it to process the image?” I answered myself “Yes, yes it would!”

So that is where I am now, and the reason for this blog, it’ll document my success and failures of this little project.

The idea is to cast some spheres, then slip cast them with liquid clay, once fired in the kiln I will then pour liquid light into them to make them light-sensitive. add a pinhole and take a photograph. Back in the darkroom the developing chemicals will be poured into the camera and the image processed. I will then smash (carefully) the front of the camera away to reveal the (fingers crossed) image inside – what could possibly go wrong? stay tuned to find out……..


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