Quick update….

Well, I checked out the state of my latest cast on friday – this time is was fine – except for a small hole in the side, which I filled with some extra slip (hence the messy edge in the photo)


new cast – looking good

The walls are proabably a little thin, so I’ll have to leave the slip for a bit longer next time to thicken the walls. It does feel really nice to hold though.

It is a bit rough – I might do a recast of the small ball again to make them smoother – take my time with it – as I do like the asthetics of the smaller size  (I’m still going to do the larger size ones though – well, it’ll be rude not to)

All i need to do now for this one is to bisque fire it to 1000˚c (sometimes known as ‘buiscuit fire’ as well) this will solidify the clay, making it stronger – but still porous, which will allow the liquid light to stick to the surface when its poured in.

This process is taking a looooooong time (I could speed it up by press moulding the balls, but I like the idea that everything is liquid  –  liquid clay, liquid light, liquid developing chemicals) so I’m sorry there’s large waits between updates.

I’m going to make several casts of the ball I think – that will speed things up for when it comes to making the cameras.


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