Photo 11-04-2013 23 33 54Hi, My name’s Daryl, and this is my blog
I had the idea of combining my passion for both ceramics and photography. I love to make things and create things that are one of a kind and unique. I like the unrushed appraoch to creativity (although I’m slightly impatient at times) and like to see ideas and projects develop (no pun intended) and evolve – sometiimes into something special and unique, other times…. not so much, but as long as I have fun whilst I’m doing it right? keeps me out of trouble 🙂
I studied for a BA in fine art sculptural ceramics at Bretton Hall in the UK – where I produced life size casts and free hand sculptures of the human form (I’ll try and dig out some old photos)
I have a passion for the analogue photography (the more low tech the better) and the old processes such as collodion and salt printing, I may have to start up another blog about my exploits with those.
2 years ago I compleated an MA in Photography at Leicester Demontfort University and I am currently the Course leader of the A Level Photography program at Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth 1st College.
I’m also one of the founding members of Leicester Lo-Fi Photography, a group which brings together the photography analogue enthusiasts, with the aim of opening up a community darkroom space, offering courses and workshops.


  1. sinisa

    Hi Daryl,

    I came across your blog and was very impressed with your idea of ceramic ball pinhole type camera. The whole process, prom casting balls to liquid light is new to me. Now after I’ve been through all your post I was very curious how the photos have turned out. Have you carried out this experiment to the end? Do you have any more info on the finished product?

    Best Regards,
    Sinisa Ostojic

    • darl0153

      Thanks for interest.

      As you’ll see form the latest post – it didn’t work, but this was just the first attempt – i didn’t think it would first time to be honest 🙂

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